In 2018 at St Luke's we will be going word by word and line by line through the book of Genesis. Each Sunday we will continue in the preaching series from where we finished the previous week.

A serious study of Genesis is crucial for any and every Christian. It is also a perfect starting point for anyone seriously considering the truth claims of Christianity.

This part of God's Word is foundational not only to the rest of the Bible, but to every aspect of life itself.

Why is there something rather than nothing? Why is the world not as peaceful as it could be? How should we relate to each other as fellow humans? What is the origin and meaning of life? Do we have a responsibility towards each other and towards God? Will someone rescue us? These are the types of big questions addressed in Genesis.

Beyond that, we will also come to learn and to love God for His covenant-faithfulness. His covenant, made first with Adam, Noah and Abraham, still applies to us today.

Join us in 2018 as we explore God's Word in Genesis, given mercifully to us as a gift and a blessing - and as relevant in 2018 as ever!

If you have missed any parts of the series and would like to catch up - please visit our Sermon Library.

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